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my bike attacked me

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  • my bike attacked me

    My last post stated that I was fascinated with learning the rolling Im out in my street ( I live on a private culdisac ) trying to learn how to do one. I got my rpms up, feathered the front brake, shifted my weight forward and let the clutch out. and then all of a sudden rather thatn my rear wheel moving my front wheel shifted, and I dropped my bike at about 2mph. I did a really fancy summersault dismount, and then laughed at myself. 10 years riding sportbikes, never an accident. of all the dumb things Ive done on my bike such as wheelies and stopies, I cant believe this is how I drop it. the only dammage to the bike was I broke my shift lever off, and might have knocked the forks, or clipons out of alignment(something feels off). Anyway I have come to the conclusion the even though not impossible rolling burnouts are better left to I 4's and not twins. atleast not mine anyway. If anyone has a spare shifter they would like to donate I would greatly appreciate it

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    Smart move. I myself have done my share of burnouts, especially when it's time for a new tire... Just have to be careful, because obviously something that looked so easy still has it's problems.


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      Instead or your forks or clip ons being off, more than likely your fairings are out of wack. I had an FZR that fell over in the garage and it pushed the fairings over about 3/4 of an inch. I never fixed it and it always gave the illusion that the bars were crooked or the bike was kind of going a bit cockeyed down the road.
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        Dirt bikes are great for doing that kind of thing.
        I used to practice rolling burnouts on my buddy's XR 100.
        Never got the nerve up to do it on the TL though.


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          I just got done chekin her over and nothing was out of alignment my clutch lever bent just a hair up and over so it feels weird but looks ok. The part of my shifter that broke was the nub that your foot actually touches. I straightened the lever and then drilled a hole and put a bolt and a long round nylon spacer in. all is good and it will keep me riding till I get a new one


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            nice fix

            Make sure the front tire is hot and sticky next time
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              Very nice fix......Im sure your dismount was a perfect 10.
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                yep, make sure the tires are warmed up first. but i dont think i will do burnouts on my tl. well, unless its time for tire replacement and i have a post to park the front tire on.