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Demo ride lined up for Saturday - '04 R1...

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  • Demo ride lined up for Saturday - '04 R1...

    I been in the market for a new I-4 for some time now and, Man that 04 R1 makes my heart skip a beat. I have a demo ride planned this coming Saturday. I've been promised 10 laps+ on a local race track in the morning, followed by a +/- 200km ride out, swapping bikes all the time. They're planning on having all the latest I-4's available for test rides, and it's by invitation only so no squids will be allowed in.

    Should be fun. The only thing keeping me from buying the new R1 is that new 1k Honda coming out. I'd like to see what that's gonna be like. Knowing Honda it'll prolly piss all over the new R1.

    decisions, decisions...
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    Lucky Bastard You got to envy somebody who is employed by his passion and makes enough money for all the toys as well. Be careful the horespower may become addicting.

    I need to open my own business too
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      don't forget to take some pictures Pierre .......have a good time.
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        you'll love it. i tried my friends 03 and it was like shit off a shovel.
        light as a feather too.


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          zesty...tell me how my new bike handles



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            Originally posted by crashtd
            zesty...tell me how my new bike handles

            Pierre, make sure to tell this ^ punk how crappy the I4's are

            BTW, do you guys have an opening for a product tester?


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              BNC get back to your h/w!



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                I know which bike wins the style wars hands down - the R1. That thing is hot looking. They all will have overkill power and handle like a 600, so I would have to be a shallow SOB and go with the good lookin' Yammie if I was in the market.

                Speaking of styling, the new Honda's lower fairing looks like it was designed by the same team that did the Chevy Avalanche SUV. Bleck.

                The ugly Honda lowers might be good news for you though, more potential bodywork sales
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                  Ok Pierre be sure and email me my electronic tickets so I can help you in your decision making.
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                    CrashTD...what YOU bailing on the TL...... You going I4 04R1 huh?? what the

                    keep the TL for the track
                    Xtreme Lean Sport Riders
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                      i like the new zx10 i think its the best looking out of the bikes in that class,i think the honda is ugly


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                        but i wont get an I4, for a while anyways.....even if i get a sport tour bike, it will either be an aprilia futura or a triumph sprint st. unless i get a hella deal on a zzr1200


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                          Can't wait to hear how it goes...the REAL scoop!
                          Be good, and if you can't be really, REALLY bad!!


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                            Pierre, if you buy a Yamaha, I'll prolly have to drive up there to kick your ass!
                            If you do decide to get an I-4 please, anything but the damn Yam!
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                              My next bike will prob be a 1100XX. Rider magazine just did a review and every owner of one said that their next bike will be another CBRXX.

                              It has that suuuuuper smooth engine, nice ergos, enough weight to keep the feet planted, and 162HP.

                              Sounds like the ultimate machine for those long rides
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