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    Anyone got pics of two bikes on a 5x8 trailer using soft hooks on the lower triple clamp? Or a canyon dancer is fine too, I have two canyon dancers but have read they ruin the grips. I'd like to see how to best tie down two bikes on a 5x8 uhaul trailer.


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    razor, when i get home tonite i will scan and post my pics of my 8x 10 sled trailer i converted to use for3 bikes. weled the chocks up myself, and we ebven made our own canyon dancers. we went all thew way from wisconsin to Maine and back. no problems. yes, the canyon dancers mess with your grips, but it did not wreck any of uors, just moved them a little, then they went right back where they were supposed to be....


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      Unstable bike = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      New Grips = $6.00

      The canyon Dancer was designed for stability. I have found that going under the lower triples that it has a tendancy to spreat the Lowers.. Didn't like that at all. Grips are cheap and easy to replace if they do get ruined..
      Southern Division Coach