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  • New Sprocket question

    I am looking at re-gearing my TLS.. i either want to go 2 up or 3 up in the rear. Will i need a different chain for either? I heard going 2 up will not require a new chain... but what about up 3?

    As far as the sprocket itself.. what material wears best.. I have seen them made out of a few different things... so what should i go with? Also.. what is a good price to pay for a good rear sprocket.. any good websites to look at?

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    ok, a tw0 up rear will fit no prblem, even on anew chain. 3 up, i'm sure will, but you may have to pull the axle off, then get the chain on, and then get the axle back in. if its a brand new chain, then it may be a little too tight. jt rear aluminum sprockets work great. around 40 bucks.


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      I got my front from Sprocket Specialist...very happy with it. They have rears as well
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        Aluminum wears quickly. I recommend steel unless you are racing or really want to save a little weight, but you will need to replace the spockets more often.

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          i would say the same thing, but my roomie runs the JT rear aluminum sprockets on his busa. so the 42 tooth one went 12000 miles before getting bent teeth. so now he has a43 rear, JT of course.


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            i am running a 2 up renthal hard anodized rear and it shows no wear after 8000 fairly hard miles

            robbie...lou with the aluminum rear sprocket (not sure which brand) replaces it every season (about 6000 miles)

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