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Gas Tank problems

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  • Gas Tank problems

    98 tlr
    first off gas has been leaking out the top of the gas cap so i am looking for a new one but they are like 100 new so i am looking at one of those vortex no key ones, does anyone have one of those or know if they seal right etc.
    also gas has been leaking out the fuel pump latly so i decided to take it off for a look and when i did the fuel did not stop coming out of the feed/return line from the fuel pump (the one without the blue concter thing) i thought the fuel pump had an automatic shut off or am i wrong, i know there was a recall on it but the guy i bought it from jsut got a new fuel pump installed, so i dont know what the problem is. thanks for any help.
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    No thats a drain. If you change out the gasket make sure you follow the bolt pattern when in the Manual or it will leak

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      my gas cap leaks too. anyone else have this problem, or solution


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        I will sell you my stock gas cap for $30 plus shipping:dunno
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