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    sorry no pics my bud borrowed my cam. with the tank off there is a hose comming from the rear throtle body about 2 in long, this hose goes into a t fitting another hose comming from the front throtle body also conects to this t. then there is a long hose from this t that runs to the rear of the bike (mine is disconected) what is this hose and where does it go?

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    49 state??

    If it was a Cali bike, it probably went to the canister in the trunk...
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      I dont know if my bike is from cali or not I bought it in south carolina. but there is definitley no canister on my bike. should this hose be plugged if there is no canister? can it effect performance?


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        On my TLS that line goes to a small empty canister that bolt's to a bracket around where the stock shock would be...and was under the impression it is a expansion tank to stop any pulsing so that the flapper valve open's smoothly??
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          this hose is routed all the way back along the side of the undertray to the storrage area and then just stops


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            That's where the canister lives in the CA bikes.
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