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  • Post-Crash tjeckup...

    With my bike rolling again (I'm not - my knee stil bothers me ), it just ocurred to me - how much can the forks resist? I lowsided at low speed, with the bike skidding along the tarmac at one side, and as such the forks more or less have been "hanging in the free" so to speak. However, the front tyre was locked up just before the crash, with the tyre leaving rubber markes on the tarmac for app. 2-3 meters before the bike finally hit the ground. As such, the forks have been in for at least some beating - but my question is: is this usual business, with me just being paranoid - or do I need to check up on something? I can't ride bike for now, but I've managed to roll back and forth in my garage, braking, etc. and all seemed fine.

    And the last question - from the simple nature of the crash, I'm wondering whether any of you guys have any thoughts on to check up on "bads" in the front brake system - as to whether the front tyre was locked up due to other reasons than combination of wet/very cold tarmac and cold tyres, or maybee due to some inconsistencies in the brake system?

    I know, this is a somewhat diffuse question, but I thought that some of you guys have some experience on the durability of the forks, as well as to check whether the front braking system has lock-up problems or the like.

    Any thoughts appreciated - Thanks!
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    My thoughts...not from experience, just thought...

    If the bike lowsided, as you mentioned, I would expect the forks to be ok. Consider the force they are resisting when you are on the brakes hard...they are transferring ALL the resistance from the mass, wanting to continue, down through the brakes. Think about the abuse they take from wheelies, or hitting potholes at high speeds. What about endos...they are hard on them (albeit only initially).

    Were you still relatively upright when you were braking? If you were leaned over, it doesn't take much to lock the front wheel. Especially if the conditions weren't perfect (ie. tire pressure, temp, track temp, condition of track...could have been a tiny bit of oil, sand, whatever to allow the tire to initially lock up...once it has, it takes less pressure on the lever to keep it locked!)

    I am no race expert...just my .02
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      I knocked the forks on my Superhawk out pretty far with a simple lowside. Check all the measurements of the fork height, but to be really sure take it to a good shop (repeat-good shop) and have them look it over. Mine were twisted in the triple clamps, but the mech (ama racer mechanic) set them right for US 45.