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Is my clutch slipping?

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  • Is my clutch slipping?

    I've only noticed it in 4th gear so far.....but when cruizing in 4th gear at about 5krpm, if I go WOT, once thm RPM's reach about 8k, bike feels like a hand is sneeking up and pulling in the clutch lever a little....and then seems to hook up and off I go like a rocket ship!!

    I'm guessing this is the tl clutch slip that I've heard so much about?

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    Clutch is slipping, but it's not because of the friction plates. That sounds more like the slipper mech not acting as it should. A set of Barnett springs will sort that out. Atleast it did on my TLR. To get mine to stop, before I changed springs, was a couple of good hard down shifts to make the slipper mech do it's job. This would cure the slip for a day or two. I would get new springs and might as well get new clutch plates this winter so you do not have to worry about it anymore.
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    Here's how it sounds.


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      97 TLS...

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        Slipper clutch is on deceleration not on acceleration. If the ol 97 TLS doesn't have too many miles on her just put in a set of Heavy Duty Barnett Clutch Springs. It's like $15 and takes 20 minutes. If that doesn't fix the problem than replace the plates

        PS I had a 97 TLS once and it did the exact same thing, that's why Suzuki went to the 6 spring setup on the TLS, springs fixed mine, no problem


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          TL4LIFE, read my write up, the slipper works in reverse to that description.

          At all times the clutch has minimal spring tension on it. Steady cruising, idling, slowing down and with the engine off.

          The way the cam-set works, when you accelerate the cam pulls the spring plate back and applies more tension to the clutch pack.

          If it is playing up, you get slippage on acceleration until enough torque is there to force the camset to move back.
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