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  • Airbox Breather.....

    Just a quick question.....Since I don't live or will ever live in any state with smog restrictions, what should I do with the airbox breather that sends the uncombusted stuff back into the airbox? I am leaning towards running it to the back of the bike and letting it vent out into the atmosphere. I have heard you guys talk about the drain cup and other things, but what is the disadvantage or advantage of just letting it drain out? Sorry for the confusing question, I'm having a hard time typing today...
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    Not having a catch cup just means it can spit oil out of the end of the tube if you have no way of catching it. Not all bikes seem to spit oil out of it though.
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      Read somewhere that a guy ran an extra long hose that went up and down a few times. This way any oil vapor that is spit out will condense and fill up in the line. Any time there is an excess of oil you just take the line off and drain out the oil. This way you don't have to worry about spilling oil on the road or the track for the next guy. Plus no more oil back into the air box to dirty up the filter.
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        I just put a filter on the tube. I got one from autozone in the ricer section. It dribbles a bit of oil, but all it takes is a rag every few weeks to wipe it up. Or sometimes more often if I do a bunch of wheelies.

        I have the filter rigged so it sticks out the nook between the frame rails.
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          If you stick a filter on the end of the line it will spill oil how much depends on how hard you run the bike. You have 2 choices leave it in the airbox and have your intake suck the excess oil back into the engine or go to the performance section and build an oil air seperator.