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  • BT 010 question

    I and another member were discussing tires and I'm thinking of getting a set of BT010 front and 020 down in back. Seams the info I get, 010 is a little sticker than the 020. Is this right or did I read the description wrong?

    Thanks for the info SweetTLR
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    you are correct. 010 is stickier.

    but, why dont you get a set of m1 sportecs instead? awesome tires, got mine in june, ran them all year, and got around 5000 miles on the rear, and the front has easy another rear tires worth in her... both were like 200 bucks shipped. and these tires stick like all hell. little warm up time, and grip in the rain almost as well as the dry. hell my roomies busa gets almost 5000 miles out of each rear., proven, and you can apparently run track days on them and they still last.


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      I think there is a good chance you would wear out the front tire first depending on how you ride. I have a set of 020 front and back on my Rex and there are both shot at 7500miles.


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        You are correct. The 010 will give you a little more grip on the front while the 020 will give you decent grip with a bit harder compound to wear longer with the torque the TL can put to the ground. I'd say that combo should wear pretty evenly. I ran the same combo on a Katana 600 and loved it. Just don't expect to be Rossi on that 020, it's a sport-touring tire, push it too far and it WILL slip on you.


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          Check it out... Just put BT-010's on my 98 TL-R and I LOVE thems
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            I have 020's all around. They wear very well and offer decent grip. I've never broken the rear loose under power; a little bit under engine braking (back it in) and under very very hard braking. Although this is on a small bike...


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              metzler m1's rock ass. thats all i will run....except for the new pirelli, but they are the same exact tire (same company) and the metzlers are cheaper. I have 3k on my back tire and its still somewhat good adn my front looks almost new.

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                I have used couple sets of 010's. Great tire on the road. Sticks well wet /dry.. warms up quickly... Front wears unevenly...

                But I think that progress has moved on. If doing trackdays, get something else(m1,rentsport,sport corsa?)

                My opinion is that 010 does not give any warning before it slips.. It just slips. I lowsided on these. My friend put 010 as a rear tire on supermoto and lowsided that too. No warning, not even a hint that it would slip...

                Great on the road...

                I take no liability if someone burns up his/her TL with Jarkko/Sparkko/plus mod It's safe if it's done right....

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                  BT010 are absolutely great for road usage IMO. I've one at the back wheel and have much much more confidence than in the old Michelin Macadam 100X (OK, this one was really hard).

                  However I also heard they're not very good for on track, they suddenly loose grip. A friend did a highside like that At least that applies if you're not a beginner.

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                    I also can vouch for the M1. Amazing tire. You will never once lose confidence in your bike. Had them on my ZX-7
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                      M1's here too. I have been wanting to try different tires but I always get the M1.
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                        i have the 010-020 combo on my tls. front and rear are quite finished as we speak ( at about 9.000 miles!)

                        bt010: nothing to say about these: they're GOOD.
                        bt020 in the back: ok in the dry, no worries there, but not too good in the wet. (i used to love these on my svs, but on the tls, riding bt020's in the wet is pretty tricky...slides all over the place)

                        i think the tls has just a little bit too much stomp for the 020...otherwise a good tyre