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  • GAS Mileage!

    I ran out of gas at: 96.4 miles...Full Tank.

    My light ALWAYS comes on at 70 - 75, instead tonight it came on at 63.

    No matter how hard I ride it, or how easy i ride always seems to come on at around the 70's.

    Someone said since my bike is custom painted, they messed with the tank and stuff inside? I don't believe him. Cause It sucks pushing this thing into the GAS station three blocks down the road...

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    maybe you have a leak somewhere, those #'s are hard riding #'s, so if you get the same with light riding then maybe its leaking. Check the pump, there is a thread that talk about is leaking if it was removed and put back and not bolted properly etc...

    do a search for it
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      How many gallons did it take to tank her up after you ran out? Those numbers really suck...
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        Mine turns on about 115 to 120 depending on how hard I ride.
        I'd be for checking something out.


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          It took 3.799 gallons to fill her up...How big is our tank?

          I am thinking something is really weird here.


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            Those numbers suck. The leak idea sounds good.
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              Something is definately wrong with the delivery system. The tank is 4.5 us gal, so you should have had 0.7 left in there. Something is messed up with the pump, or level at which they put it back in.
              Pull it apart and let us know.

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                Our tank is listed at 4.5 gallon capacity, but I'd say realisticly its about 4 gallons. Those are really bad fuel light usually comes on around 85-95 miles (I zero out at every fill-up) and I need to refuel around 120-140 depending how hard I'm riding.
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                  Is it geared ta the moon?
                  I've run out at almost 90 miles at the track and gotten as many as 160 on the freeway, both with stock gearing.


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                    Originally posted by Most Hated
                    It took 3.799 gallons to fill her up...How big is our tank?

                    I am thinking something is really weird here.
                    Could it be a California tank? I believe they have some extra stuff taking up room in the tank.

                    Could also be a bashed in tank that was fixed up with Bondo to look good on the outside.

                    I usually get about 100-110 before the light first comes on.

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                      moderate combo city/hi driving I get 80-90 before the light comes on then a max of 115.
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                        ahhhh...taking it apart..bleh!

                        Mitch, when we pull the tank to do the block off plates, could we give this alook?? I have the plates to do the pair vavle to.


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                          is there any way that someone could fit or make the tank larger, meaning to hold more gas.


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                            Living where I do I need to fill my gas tank up as soon as the light goes on or I may not make it to the next one.

                            I get about 100 miles before the light goes on and than I only put in a max of 3 gallons. What the hell are you doing to eat so much juice?