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  • PCII question

    I have noticed that the PCII for 98-99 TLR is difrent than a PCII for a 00-03 TLR. I bought a PCII off of ebay and it did not have the years listed; How can I tell what year it is for. I have plugged it in and it powered up; will this unit work? I dont want to waste money on getting it tuned on a dyno and have a unit that will not work.
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    it works. there is only a difference in numbers. but the unit is exactly the same


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      Dynojet thought that there was going to be a change in the TLR for 2000 so they created a new part number for the PCII. But since there wasn't a change, the PCII remained the same and they kept the different part numbers for 98-99 & 00-03.
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        anyone has any comments on PC2?whats the diff from pc3?
        anyone has one for sale?is there instrustions to install it DIY?
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          No PCIII for the TL, so no need to worry about comparing them. Check the for sale section to see if anyone has one for sale. Instructions? It will depend if the person has any that you buy it from.

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            Anyone have a map for a tiller thats been dyno tuned with yosh full exhaust, pcII, joe V airbox mod, TRE, K&N high flow filter...
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              dunno if it helps but try:

              the maps are for european models so probably not any good for y'all. But some info on the PCII

              Defo get it set up properly, 'cos even with a downloaded map, your bike may need slightly different settings as they all differ from bike to bike.

              Fitted one to mine and it made a massive difference to the rideability throughout the rev range. Power delivery was smoother and mixture matched to throttle opening.

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