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well, first let down of the year

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  • well, first let down of the year

    yes, my otherwise superfaithful tls has let me down the other day.

    I was riding around for my work, and was having problems with the clutch the whole time (very hard gearchanges, couldn't disengage the clutch completely, and the adjustment was already fully out...), and suddenly CLACK, no clutch anymore!

    i was riding in third at the time it happened, so i stomped it into second, into first...and stalled to come to a stop...

    removed the plastic cap, and saw that one of the two bolts holding the clutch actuator in place just snapped! end of my riding day...i was picked up by the dealer, and they're going to replace the whole thingie (it was completely worn out anyway...)

    enough proof to say that the tls-clutch is quite heavy

    just curious: there's a piece of the bolt stuck in the engine, is it a heavy task to get this removed ?

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    Not if you are handy with a drill and an Easyout . They come in all shapes and sizes. Just drill the proper size hole for the easyout you are using. Then you put the easayout into the hole and use it in the same fashion as a tap. The person who came up with this idea is a genius. Just looking at one, impresses me.

    Becareful not to break an easyout, for they are very hard and almost impossible to drill out. Be sure to put some type of penetrating fluid on the broken bolt for a little while. This way it will be easier to remove. Good luck.
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    Here's how it sounds.


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      sorry to hear that. how many miles on her?


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        DOH ...........just glad you are fine. i was thinking something bad happened .

        P.S. if thats your 1st let down of the year, you're doing great
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          Originally posted by dragonbro
          P.S. if thats your 1st let down of the year, you're doing great
          i was thinking the same, i'm sooooo happy with me tillis!

          and horkn: 56.000 kms on's a 97 which has seen a lot of bad winters, so life's been quite hard on her

          ps i get her back tonite, can't wait


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            She will probably feel like a new woman with a new clutch (right P?)
            Be good, and if you can't be really, REALLY bad!!


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              start with a left handed drill bit...

              lots of times i start there and dont even need the ez out