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  • TLS Airbox Questions

    I have a few questions for those that have done airbox mods on the TLS. I saw on Steve's website some pictures of how to do the mod.
    My questions are frist what to do with all of the vaccum hose stuff. Do I need to keep any of it on the bike. (even the electrical stuff) Second, when you opened up the hole for the filter and added more to the airbox, as seen in the picture.

    Did that get in the way of anything once putting the airbox back on the bike.

    I would also appreciate any hints that anyone found out while doing this.


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    I'm pretty sure that you do not remove any electrical components (sensors, etc.) you simply plug off the vacuum lines and the box will slip right in, mine has the same mod done. Go ahead and make sure you set the TPS, Sync the Throttle Bodies and go with an aftermarket air filter since you've gone this far


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      Planning on it

      Yeah I am planning on doing the TPS and throttle body sync. Have any recommendations on where to get the gauge for doing the throttle body synch?



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        i had to put a dimple in mine to clear the fuel line. sorry not as pretty of the cf version.


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          Thats the first one I did. Steve has it now but after it was done I realised it didnt clear the fuel rail and it now has a dimple in it too.


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            It's been a while since I modified my bike's airbox, so I don't remember exactly what all I was able to remove, but I do know that I took off some of the vacuum hose and associated pieces (including the electrical parts) that controlled the flapper valve. I looked through the manual and it appeared that this part of the electrics only received a signal from the ecu -- it doesn't send any information at all -- so I made an educated guess that it wouldn't affect the bike's running with it removed. It's worked out fine, and no malfunction codes came up, so I figure I'm all right without the stuff.

            In fact, now that I think about it, I was also able to remove the cylindrical vacuum chamber as it was only hooked up to the flapper valve actuation system.



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              welcome to the planet brian tls

              i have a carb syncher.......


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                That's what I need!

                Well, I set the TPS which I checked last year and it was way off! Started the airbox mod which is going good.
                BUT, Horkn has what I need! Know a good kind of gauges and place to get them?


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                  mercury hookah


                  jc whitney


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                    thats the kind. N2...... they sure work great. but man sm i glad we only have 2 cylinders. funny thing, i never recall having to synch any of my single cylinder dirtbikes...well, except the xl600r...


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                      brian, heres some more pictures

                      just motivated me to finally do the install.
                      it just passes the fuel rail.

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                        Guess I need to get a spare airbox now
                        Originally posted by TLCURT
                        Because TL's fucking rock.

                        It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                          N2wheelies, that's great! Tell me what you think once you take it for a ride.
                          I had been thinking of doing this mod since it first came up on Gary's board and was constantly looking for a airbox. I just couldn't justify what the highest bid was on ebay.
                          Finally, I just said screw it and started doing the airbox. It is going really smoothly and I am waiting for the final product to dry. I think I made it pass the fuel rail but we will see in about 30 minutes. Can't wait for this all to be done.
                          Now all I need is my sycn gauges from JC Whitney.

                          Anyone, know where to get dyno tuned in Milwaukee, WI? (I am new to the area.)



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                            either mid cities mototrsports in west bend or lake country powersports in waukesha. both are dyno jet certified tuners. my roomie had his busa done at mid cites, but i hear LCP is good too. those are the only 2 dyno jet certified tuners in the state.


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                              It will be interesting as N2Wheelies drag races his bike. Any HP increase will hopefully show up in his terminal speeds. Time will tell.

                              I would love to dyno a stock TLS vs. one with a modded airbox and proper breather mods. I would not be shocked if those two mods with no other changes netted 5 hp on the top end.

                              The breather setup on the '97 TLS is pathetic. My DRZ 400 has larger hoses and a better design
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