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  • Sensor ?

    Does anyone know what the sensor is that is mounted to the bottom of the headlight stay. It is a denso sensor of some type. It has 3 wires going into it. It is mounted with one screw. I am putting on race plastic and wonder what it does. Thanks.

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    Oh and it is a 00 TLR.


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      Atmospheric pressure sensor on the TLR.

      It's located inside the left tail fairing on the TLS.
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        Does it matter how it is mounted? There isnt really any great places to mount it on race plastic. What exactly does it do.


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          Measures the atmosheric pressure. The ECU would use this input to help inject the correct mixture, it's this sensor that allows for altitude changes too. Leave it off and you run with an ECU fault code.

          You could probably mount it anywhere you wanted, but you wouldn't want any airflow at speed to affect it as it will then read a false high or low pressure depending if it is facing to or away from the airflow.

          Mount it where you like, then fit some tubing to it and have the tube end in a still area.
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            i was wondering the same thing


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              Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it!


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                I tucked mune behind the gauge mounting plate on the Graves stay..

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                  Excactly the info i was looking for......

                  THanks TL Planet!!!



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                    Mine was just zipped to the race stay as well.

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