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  • Hey Everyone!

    I haven't posted here for a while so I decided I would ramble on a bit. Well, my TLR is running again, though she is not 100% yet. I replaced my broken rear brake lever with a Woodcraft "Shorty" lever and like it alot! The shorty lever is about an inch shorter than standard, and looks KEWL. (I know...this is worthless without pics, but I am not a good photographer! LOL!) The swap was easy enough. I will need to Jimmy rig a bracket so the brake light switch can work though. Other than that, it's all good. I will be swapping the shifter lever tomorrow.

    I thought I checked the bike over good post crash, but I guess I didn't. My front rim is tweaked. The tire has a gash on it that's small but deep right where the dent is, so I must've hit a rock or something.

    I went ahead and ordered a set of OZ rims today. I wanted to get the Blackstones, but Lockhart has to special order them, and when asked how long it will take they replied, "Uh, I dunno." DAMMIT. So being the impulsive impatient person I am, I ordered a set of the 6 spoke OZ's. They were out of Black, so I had to settle for Silver, but I plan on stripping the rims and painting them black. Why can't things be easy?!?! LOL!

    My Hammer-IT bodywork will be finished soon, and I hope that goes well and bolts on easy. On a positive note, I wanted to try the Metzeler Rennsports on the TLR and I will be getting to do so a lot earlier than I thought. I already have a set on the side (180 rear of course) and will mount them on the OZ's once they come in. I had decided to build up the TLR anyway, but the crash pushed the schedule up a bit. In a sense, alot of good came out of my crash:

    #1. It knocked some sense into me and made me remember that I am NOT invincible.

    #2. Had it not been for the crash, my bike would have remained stock looking for years (probably) and I would have procrastinated about giving her a custom paintjob. A stylish bike would be great advertisement for my business, something stock paint just can't do. Now my TLR won't look stock.

    #3. I wouldn't have discovered all the cool nick knacks that I have. I wanted to change alot of stuff, but would have waited to do it. Now I can change them out of nessesity.

    #4. Wheels. I have always wanted to try aftermarket wheels. Now I will.

    I still have a few parts that haven't come in yet, but the bike is running again and that's pretty much all that matters. It will be fun to do all of the changes at once instead of little by little like I usually do. Since all the bodywork will be off, I will go ahead and change the airfilter and spark plugs as well. I will put on my steel braided braklines and change the pads too.

    Anyway...I am looking forward to wrenching the "R" a little. It should be fun.
    Your Friend in Sport,


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    Sweet, Edwin, good to hear from ya, but I have to say....
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      Man I havent seen you post in a long time! Good to see ya back! Cant wait to see that bodywork!

      My site.


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        good news! You'd better learn how to photograph before the bike is finished.

        (you should be taking progress pis anyway )
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          I just loaded my 35MM Camera with film guys. LOL! Notice I said "35MM" and not digital right?!?! LOL! That's because I ain't got a digital camera that's worth a shit.

          You are right Steve, I didn't think about that. I NEED to take progress pics. Good to hear from you guys, thanks for the replies.

          By the way, for anyone interested the Metzeler Rennsports are GOOD tires. My friend Chad mounted a pair on his Gixxer (180 rear) and them tires ROCK!!! I got to ride them pretty hard, and they turn in real nice, got good grip, and seem to be wearing OK.

          Since I talked with you all last I have obtained dealerships with Woodcraft, Western Power Sports, and just turned in my dealer application for Yoshimura & Tucker Rocky. The motorcycle parts business is doing well. I am really surpirsed! Happy...but surprised. One of the benefits of having the store is I get to meet all the young guns coming up, and got a few new riding buddies in the process. The sport is growing here and it seems like we got into the parts business at the right time.

          It's gonna be FUN building up the "R". I sanded down all of the Carbon Fiber parts I got and will be shooting a couple of coats of Urethane clear over them tomorrow. I got a triple cover, front fender, intake tube covers, and heel guards. I dunno if I am gonna use the heel guards yet, but since they were here already I decided to clear 'em. Shooting clear over the CF parts make them look 100% better. The finish on the Carbon Works stuff is, well, not that good. I am also re-clearing the Carbon sleeves on the frame sliders I got from LP too. These things are nice, and made really well.

          Anyway...I need to catch some ZZ's. I have to goof off at work tomorrow and do some painting! LOL!
          Your Friend in Sport,



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            Sounds good, mate!

            And progress pics are a must!!!
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              Good to have you back! I might need to hit you up for some yosh parts over the winter I'm working on a bolt-on to full system conversion. I'm also interested in those CFM "shorty" pedals. Sounds like just the thing for these v360 pegs. The list of winter mods continues...


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                good to hear from ya edwin! glad the bike is coming together. so, yoshi and cfm dealer too? hmmmm


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                  good to hear from you man ..........i suggest you get a digital camera very soon. we need pics of all those parts.
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                    Hi Edwin, I'm new to the planet, but pleased to see you back
                    pics, pics, pics.......

                    EX- Webmaster/Editor for the Suzuki Owners Club UK! Still a member though! ;-)


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                      Hi Edwin, I'm new to the planet, but pleased to see you back
                      Yeah, same here ! Get that camera going, pics are the only thing holding us up through this season of the year (Well, you may not have the same feeling - Hawaii, niiice place!) And by the way - we also want pics of the shop! (So we can se what exactly can be ripped off you... )

                      Good luck on the project! Oh did I mention - BRING PICS NOW!
                      Erhm...Spring? That's in January, right..?


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                        Been spending too much time with the Surfing crowd? Good to hear from you...NOW POST THOSE FRIGGIN PICS//////
                        Southern Division Coach


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                          I think I'll quote SteveTLS-
                          "(you should be taking progress pis anyway )"
                          Except take some PICS!, yah.