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New chain - any prep before installing?

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  • New chain - any prep before installing?

    So, I'm doing a chain and sprocket swap on my buddy's ZX6. The new DID O-ring is absolutely bathed in a white-ish lubricant that feels a little more like greasy lotion than oil. I don't remember my last new chain feeling like that. Is there something I should do to prep the new chain? Should I wipe off some of the excess lube or is that the way it's supposed to be? I ordered it by the link instead of getting a 120 and cutting it down, and it looks like it was packed/shipped by hand. I'm wondering if some middle man got over zealous with the lube Gotta be a joke in there somewhere....
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    Yes there is a joke in there.. but I AINT goin there

    It's fine.. I'll fly off on his rims..
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      I've always left it on until it's gone then just lube with normal stuff.
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        I just put a 520 DID o-ring and new sprockets on my TLR... Just put it on and was out the door..
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