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Whats going on in OZ ?

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  • Whats going on in OZ ?

    Reported in MCN this week that your powers that be are trying to introduce front number plates. Is this a joke or for real ?
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    For real, and once they have used up all of the $14mil or whatever they allocated and developed the technology, they'll sell it to the rest of the world

    It's all about road safety you know. That's why they removed them in the first place.

    It's nothing to do with revenue raising from the speed camera's that take front shots, it's nothing to do with the fact that we are exempt from tolls on toll ways because they are only set-up to take front shots, no, no, no. It's safety I tell you.

    I read the South Australian motorcycle cops tried to set an example by fitting plates to their BMW's behind their screens, but got a big rap on the knuckles by the minister, because it is illegal to use / display none aproved plates HA!

    But yes, it is fair dinkum, they want us to wear them and they are tyring desperately to come up with a solution that works on all bikes, faired or not, that wont affect handling etc.

    They think we will be more responsible for our actions if we can be ID'ed from the front.

    Don't remind me!

    edit: Got a link to the read?
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      That's stupid and pointless, the only view people get of a bike is the rear anyways. Might as well put front plates on trailers too


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        Shhhh, Ben, some Govt wanker might see that suggestion and spend our taxpayers money to fund a study into it.
        "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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          If that goes into effect, their will be a new marketing opportunity for the makers of plate flipper hardware.

          Come to think of it, recent events have given me more than a passing interest in a plate flipper
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