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Isn't this someone's stolen bike here?

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  • Isn't this someone's stolen bike here?

    I have been out of the loop for a while, but I thought I remember someone posting that their Telefonica TLR bike was stolen this spring out in California. Maybe not, but I thought who ever it was might like to see this. Here is the link.

    Man, it sucks to see a nice bike like that in that bad of shape.

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    i hope he gets caught if that was the guys bike. i know what you are talking about, i just cant put a name with the bike....


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      I remember the thread as well. It looks like he picked it up the honest way though.... NO RESERVE.... Track Bike? I'll check the amount in 6 days.. Not worth over $2500 now unless you live in San Fran.. and dont have to pay the $300 to get it to you.
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        Already out looking for a new bike eh?


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          HMMMM, could be. Wrecked and never claimed?
          I've crashed both, and hurt myself worse on bicycles then I have on motorcyles!


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            I was the high bidder on that one for a while at $10.50. Damn, I was really hoping I'd get it for that price!!
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              any bike for 10.50.. what a great deal..


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                i remember when the stolen bike report came out too. the guy lived some where close to me . i'm not sure what ever happened to it. i'll post it on the local forum around here

                if anyone wants to see if it was stolen they can watch for a response at this link
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                  you know if one of our admins *cough* katana *cough* hadn't done some spring cleaning we coulda solved this problem by now.



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                    Wasn't it pinched pre Planet days?

                    I get confused with the Telefonica bike and the guy who had his tank signed by steve crevier, was that stolen too?


                    Maybe a "Stolen Bikes" forum? Or do we have enough?
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                      Bargain with a Penske.

                      Now if I just had my CAMS licence I could import that thing for track use. Bugger.
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                        The member in question (I can't remember his name either) reported that bike stolen about 4 months back. It was a sad story because all he had was liability, no comprehensive coverage. I am quite sure that is the bike though.


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                          If it is, then no way I would buy it. No way in hell.

                          Looking closer at the images on eBay... I dunno I thought I remembered that guy's bike a little different...

                          check this out:
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                          I emailed the guy. Both are in California, but VINs don't match.. I dunno.. how many Telefonica TLRs are out there?

                          Here's another from the Ally Pally in the UK

                          One in Japan:

                          Ahh screw it. Who would crash their bike and not claim it? Gotta be stolen. No way I'm touching it.
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                            That's the guy, David Leavitt. I should have remembered him, he bought a set of tube covers just before it was stolen. Anyway, he says it was stock except for the pipes and since the eBay one has a Penske I guess it is not his.


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                              Oh, I just remember seeing the thread about the stolen Telefonica TLR, not any modifications he had done to it. I was looking for a salvage bike on E-Bay for a local guy who wants to start stunting on and happened to run across this one. Yea, I have kind of caught myself looking at bikes already. Not much else to do when you're home all day, every day and you can't drive or lift anything.