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So, the TLR is an outdated motorcycle...

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  • So, the TLR is an outdated motorcycle...

    You see it in the magazines whenever the TLR comes up. You see it whenever a newcomer asks about a TLR.

    So what then?

    The truth of the matter is, the TLR is a uniquely fun bike to ride. Its weight is noticable...even when compared to it's cousin the TLS, but the weight is neither obstructive nor much of a hinderence to the bikes overall performance on the street. Yes, there are FAR better track machines out there, but here's where ego comes into play.

    I am sure that everyone wanted the latest greatest Sportbike at one time or another. The magazine reviews sway our minds to one bike or another based on how well it did against the latest competition. The TRUTH of the matter is, any given bikes prowess on a track has very little to do with how that bike does in everyday driving conditions. Statistics are fun to read, but top speed numbers and 1/4 mile times again should NOT be the focus of your attention. Let's be real about this. It doesn't matter if a magazine posted a 10.7 sec. 1/4 mile time on a certain bike because that has alot to do with RIDER talent, and unless you are as accomplished a rider, that 10.7 time shouldn't mean a thing. There are alot more factors to consider when looking at these numbers: AT what elevation was the test run? How heavy was the rider? What type of fuel was used? The list goes on and on.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not telling you to disregard the statistics. Roll-on times can tell you a LOT about the fun-factor of a bike. All I'm saying is that magazine reviews don't tell the whole story when it comes to bikes.

    My old '91 Kawasaki ZX7RR was a HEAVY bike. It posted some SAD 1/4 mile times in the magazines (due to the tall 1st gear) and paled in comparison to the specs of the other 750's of it's year, including the standard ZX7R. But riding the bike was a totally different story. My friends standard ZX7 felt like crap compared to my RR, and would eat that ZX7 for lunch in the twistys.

    My point? The TLR may be heavy, and not the sharpest handling bike out there, but the Tiller is a FUN bike. In the hands of a competent rider the TLR can easily run with GSXR1K's and R1's. The bike will always have a cult following because it is so unique.

    Weight can be shaved, and handling improved. It's personality that can't be fixed or bought, and the TLR has a lot of that.
    Your Friend in Sport,


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    Excellent post as usual
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      You are correct. However you are preaching to the choir on this one my friend.


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        Originally posted by Cyntax
        You are correct. However you are preaching to the choir on this one my friend.
        Yup. You need to post that in a GSXR Forum. The thing that gets me about the TLR( and other bikes) is that people/publications don't make fair comparisons. You need to compare the weight of a bike to the proper competition. I think they need to compare weight and what not to other 1000 TWINS ONLY not fours. Go look at the dry weight of a Ducati 999, Mille, RC51, etc...


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          Reminds me of how Jay Gleason did all the 1/4 mile tests for the bike mags years ago..

          The same thing as setting Gadson on a bike now and you trying to match his time on the same bike.. AIN'T gona happen.. Champ for years for a REASON!
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            Expertly put. All those folks asking about weather they should get a tiller or an r1 need to read this post. You put my thoughts and feelings into words.


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              So what is it, about every two weeks ya put out an emotional, excellent, truthful post?

              Its all true, and Iam starting to hate coming to this board since you are makin it harder and harder for me to not sell the SV and buy a TLR.

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                Originally posted by Tek
                you are makin it harder and harder for me to not sell the SV and buy a TLR.

                Yeah, this place has a way of making you do that

                Great post Edwin!


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                  another page in the book of edwin



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                    ...sort of reminds me of why I still have my Kat.
                    Overweight..oh yeah!
                    Not the best handler? No poop!
                    Fun in the twisties still? YES!
                    Good commuter bike... please, it rules!
                    Do I "need" a TL...nahhhh
                    I am looking at TL's? Hell yeah!
                    Yepper, Still Alive.


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                      Another good example: the Katana's.

                      I never owned a Kat 750, but I have owned 2 Katana 600's. Now that bike got a beating in the magazines way back when. My first was a '89 and the 2nd was a 91. No sooner had the Katana 600 came out, Yamaha introduced the FZR600. All of a sudden the Kat was pure junk according to the magazines, but...

                      I happened to like my Katana 600's alot. I have since owned a FZR600, and a CBR600 as well, and of the 3 I enjoyed the Suzuki the most. it has nothing to do with brand loyalty. The Suzuki just fit me better. The Yamaha looked the best though...

                      It's not my intention to preach. It is my intention however to point out that statistics aren't everything, and the magazines point of view is usually a narrow one.

                      I fell in love with the TL1000S the first time I laid eyes on it, before the magazine reviews, and before it got it's "widowmaker" reputation. I am still glad to this day that I bought the bike before the british mags tore it apart. I have to admit, if I had read those reviews of the TLS before I bought one, I may very well not have gotten one at all. Instead, I got to ride the bike with a clear mind and make my own opinions on it. It was the first liter sized 2 cylinder I ever rode, and I immediately loved it. I now consider myself a "Twin Man".

                      I think alot of people are cheated out of finding a bike that they would thouroghly enjoy due to cheesy magazine reviews. It's a shame. I'm just happy I got to give the TLS a unbiased try. I am riding my 3rd TL now, my first "R". I said first because chances are, it won't be my last.


                      Someones been lying to you if you think your SV is any less of a bike compared to a TLR. LOL! My best friend Kelly told me straight out that he tought I was stupid for thinking about buying a TLR before I did. He went on to quote the magazines about how heavy it was, and how crappy the rotary damper was and how ill handling the bike was...keep in mind he had never even threw a leg over one! He tried to convince me to get a GSXR1K like his. He no longer says anything when we ride the hill together.

                      Have a great weekend Gang!
                      Your Friend in Sport,



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                        Re: So, the TLR is an outdated motorcycle...

                        Originally posted by Edwin
                        Weight can be shaved, and handling improved. It's personality that can't be fixed or bought, and the TLR has a lot of that. [/B]
                        inspirational stuff
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                          My TLR was fitted with Pirelli Diablo's two days ago. I'm running without a damper and with 12mm showing above the triples. Handles like a dream.
                          Don't cha know the Yellow one's are fastest!


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                            The ZX7R is a 7 year old piece of technology, but look what Eric Bostrom has done with it the last few years against the newest machines in the field. Edwin, I think you have many valid points about statistics (three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics).

                            Ride what you like, not what others tell you to like. Even on a GXR1000, there is always someone talented enough who can come along on a ZX7 lead sled, and spank your a**.

                            Geez my bike sounds funny now


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                              great write-up edwin!

                              the same goes for the almighty sv(s), it wasn't the fastest out there, nor the best handling of the bunch, but my god it was föhn föhn föhn
                              i fell in love with the TLS first time i saw it too, but the svs was better suited for learning the ropes. It was scary to let her go, but the first ride on the tls immediately felt 'homy'. It's just a big svs really
                              i would go 'back' to the svs anytime, if it wasn't for that AWESOME TL-lump!!!