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  • A new personal record

    This afternoon I set a new record for motor replacement. I was able to get the motor into the frame, all the electronics hooked up, the chain on, clutch, radiator, exhaust, injectors, air box, fuel, etc. in 2 hours 40 minutes. I only used the air wrench on the countershaft nut. Other than that all hand tools.

    What helped a ton was putting parts into zip-lock baggies in the order in which I needed them for reassembly. It took me about 90 minutes to pull it out 'cause I was bagging everything for rapid reassembly.

    Anyway, I could probably shave off 15 minutes or so with two modifications .. having the rear exhaust spigot on before mounting the motor in the frame .. and not having to drill & safety wire the top water pump drain .. which I forgot to do earlier this year.

    Now I'm going to put on a new front master cylinder (brembo 19x20) and sync the injectors and TPS. Then I'm going to try out the total loss flywheel tomorrow. Hmm...
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    Damn dude you were smokin.


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      Jim, I'd be running a spreadsheet on that stuff if I was you Jim
      "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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        Let us know how the total loss works also the results of the lighter rotating mass engine.


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          Good work takes me that long just to get the fairings off
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            I'm a cheater

            I guess I cheated since this is on my racebike without bodywork .. also I had the front wheel off which makes putting the engine in much easier.

            Oh well ..
            MRA Rider Rep; '99, '03, & '05 MRA SuperTwins GTO champ; Big Stick Racing


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              cheaters make baby jesus cry!

              nice man...i've really debating whether or not to drop the engine (powdercoating) that tough, you make it sound so easy



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                Awsome.. Now come fix my Ninja for me!
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                  . Damn, that some fast wrenching.

                  Geez my bike sounds funny now