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My first 24 hours....

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  • My first 24 hours....

    I'm in love.

    I've had my bike just 24 hours now and I cant stop thinking about the bike. The thing is a beast.

    I didnt buy this bike because its pretty. I bought this bike because it is the meanest looking bike I have ever seen. That is what made me want one of these when I first saw it 3 years ago and its what made me still want one.

    This bike does not mess around. If you give it half a chance it will try to rip your head off and spit down your throat. And for that, I love it. I went out to my garage to say goodnight to it last night and I swear it growled back at me.

    Ah, the life of a TLR owner. I'm going back out for another ride. Talk to y'all tomorrow.....

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    Rizza.. enjoy, be careful.. she is a handful...

    By the way, nice name


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      Again, cogratulations rizza.

      If your anything like I am, this ain't no honeymoon. I have been riding a TLR since January, and I am still buzzing about it.
      Your Friend in Sport,



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        Yup know what you mean. When my bike was together I could walk into the garage at 3am and it would be beggin me to go for a ride.


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          I have had mine 2 years now and am happier with it , than I was laste year. Wait until the mod'in starts.

          Wait for the power mods, do suspension first! Then performance, it will make that Big of a difference. A set of Gold Valves, springs, and a Bitubo shock for street riding is a great setup.

          Get a PCII when you get exhaust, it made a big difference in throttle stumbles too.

          Of course get used to the bike first, and enjoy riding it. Then youll be able to feel the changes as you make them. This is one of the bikes that as you improve, YOU KNOW ITS IMPROVED


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            welcome rizza

            we all know that feeling, and strangely, it seems to last forever!


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              Congrats on the new bike. I'm the same way with mine. I go into the garage just so I can stare at it. Only wish I could ride it but has been raing the last three day's.


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                SOLD! 2002 Suzuki TL1000R - Blue/White
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                  welcome to the darkside.
                  <img src="">


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                    I can hear min e calling me as well.

                    Oh yeah
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                      Life on the darkside
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                        I'm so glad I get to ride mine everyday

                        Congrats, and just in case
                        May 2003
                        August 2004


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                          If you don't think your tiller is pretty you must own a yellow and black one.
                          2003 Blue and White TL1000R (The faster colors) Yoshimura Ti Cans, TRE, Custom Homemade Fender Eliminator, Hammerit Carbon Look Intake Covers, PC II, Fan Switch Mod. Yellow Box, Nissin Brake Caliper and Goodridge SS Brake Lines.

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                            TFI box is just a s good as a pc2 and way cheaper.. learn to do wheelies and stoppies and the bike is a whole new diamention of fun !
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