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TLS airbox mod - nearly complete

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  • TLS airbox mod - nearly complete

    after months of too many projects, buying and moving into a new house, blah blah blah ...

    im back on my airbox mod mission. when duken and i did my tps last week, i did a test fit of the box. i discovered two things:
    1- the non oval whole on the inlet of the box is only so small to accomodate the flapper actuator. the hole is now oval like the other side.
    2- my radiused airbox volume interfeared with the fuel line connector. ive added a dimple to fix that. miraculously the radiused section clears the support between the throttle bodies.

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      one more...


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        Don't forget to give us a run down on how it goes. I'm waiting on Rupes to get his bike on the road and his thoughts too.

        I've found two airboxes at two local wreckers and they both want $100AUD (~65USD) for them, I'm going to grab one and do exactly the same cut and shut.

        Have you seen Rupe's?

        "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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          Damm mine looks sexy....

          I had mine dynoes and the injectors cleaned, tps adjusted etc and I'm still waiting for him to send me the graph. Basically he said the peak hp was the same ... A little higher through the low and midrange and the stumble issue it had was nearly gone, I didnt have a proper ride, just around the complex. I don't know exactly why the stumbling was reduced, he said the tps was almost spot on so that would'nt do much and I dont thing the injectors had much to do with it so maybe the airbox mod did help a little. I might just be used to the Vmax after all this time but it did feel more responsive and eager to rev. Even on the warm up map at 75Deg C a firm roll on of the throttle in first smoothly brought up the front wheel, so I think the torque curve was beefed up a bit. I did not have any fairings on tho and the ram tubes were off so I'll let everyone know how it goes when its all back together. All in all I'm not sure exactly how much improvment there is but I can say there is definately no reduction in power anywhere.

          Still have to get the TRE organized, nod nod wink wink


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            Doh! and a CD sent up too.
            "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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              i had not seen rupes. looks great and very similar. i widened my intake horn while rupes removed it completely. gotta try that cf stuff....


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                Its about 3 times as much per meter but on small stuff like that it doesnt make a whole lot of difference. Not much different to work with than the woven mat you used either. Good job tho, I recomend you sand it to the required shape even if means sanding all the way through the fibreglass in parts and use what remains to support the next layer, if you get what I mean. Worked well for me


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                  thanks for the feedback rupes.

                  i had sanded it pretty good then had to add that dipple to clear the fi line.

                  this project has been pretty hap-hazard.
                  originally i got the joe v info and a tls airbox via ebay. quickly realized that the joe V was tlr specific and started making it up as i went. i never made any consideration of the hardware between the throttle bodies as i had never had the airbox off. luckily it all cleared except for one spot which got the holesaw and a dipple in glas.

                  i chose to keep the horn inside the filter based on my flow diagnostics experience from work. i widened it by splitting it in half and adding some flat stock from another abs airbox...

                  heres a picture from june


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                    Nice stuff guys - got the TL pulled apart right now for some periodic maintenance and was looking into the intake tract of the airbox. Kind of doing some preliminary planning. Now, if you imagine that you're the air, and you sit yourself where the flapper actuator was, this would be a high turbulence area because of the air coming from both intakes, correct?

                    So assuming that, I was wondering about sticking a little rise in the center - a ramp of sorts - so that the air would simply be redirected upward instead of first slamming into each other then going up because there's no other option. (this among the other mods as well, of course)

                    Would this be worth the bother? N2? Sounds like you've got the experience to answer this one...
                    2001 TLS
                    Full M4, PCII, K&N Air Filter, SS Lines, 16T Front Sprocket, 180 Rear, HammerIT DB Screen, NWS Hugger


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                      I never got around to updating the info on my site regarding the airbox but I didnt think about the fuelrail either and had to cut a little angle out ...I'll post a pic of it tonight when i get home.


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                        the objective should be to give the air as much space as possible before the airfilter, the wider and smoother the tract the slower and less turbulent the flow. your idea certainly would not hurt but even without it you will get a stagnation point at the inlet. whether the air is 'slamming' into the wall or the oncoming air.


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                          great pics and info guys. this is my next mod. i think i have a spare airbox sourced, gotta check up on that though