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  • need measurements

    I am helping a buddy put his tiller back together after a get off. Could someone please measure the distance from the bottom of the radiator to the front tire ? We have the bike stripped down and I think the distance is to close ( bent forks or frame ) .

    I measure 2 inches from the bottom of the lower radiator to the tread on his stock tire .

    Please help us out guys , by the way its a 98 model .

    thanks , mike

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    two inches seems about right. i just went out to the garage and measured mine, and its right about two inches.(bottom of the lower radiator to the front tire tread)
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      36 24 36

      uhh...ya, it's about 2in. or so.
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        don't know about the distance thing, for i have a tls.... but welcome to the planet!


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          Thanks guys , for the quick respnse. I used to ride a 97 TLS but traded for the GIXXER 750 . ( easier to drag race ) . I do miss the V-TWIN and hope one day to have another.