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Loose bar end weight wont tighten

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  • Loose bar end weight wont tighten

    Cant seem to tighten my bar end weight on my throttle side the screw wont budge . If i grab the weight and turn it seems like it almost tightens then goes loose again. screw
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    Sounds like its out of round from either vibration, or your weight. If you have the original weights and screws on the bike remove it and put allen bolts in it.

    Getting it off is sometimes a nightmare due to the locktite. Sometimes if you tighten first it will break, sounds like youve done this already. Last choice after you strip the screw head. Cut it off, slide the weight off and get a small pipe wrench or good vice gripe and remove the rest of it.

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      Take it out and tighten the nut down to the rubber (hand tight) then put it in the clip-on and tighten.
      It is just spinning in there right now
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        I cant get the screw to budge maybe I'll hit the screwdriver with a hammer to help bust it loose
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