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  • TLS radiator

    Can someone tell me how wide a TLS raditator is?

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    I would, but mine's been squished-in a bit
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      goint to measure right now


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        Not a perfect measurement, I rounded up by a 16th or so


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          Mine is a little squished too.. I need to get that sucker fixed!


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            Can't be as bad as mine was after this wreck. The right side saged down onto my cylindar head, not sure how/why it still flowed water, but oh well. It got me by for a few weeks till I got a new radiator in.
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              THat's funny.. Mines bent on both sides...

              and SV996R's is jacked up too...

              hmmmmmm funny about those TLS riders... THEY WAD..
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                I thought I got lucky one day and actually found one on eBay. Guess what. It was smashed on the right side identically to mine


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                  Need a rad for my project TL. If I can't get one I can get the bent one straightened and re-cored for around 100
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                    if your radiator's fubared, take it to myler's in UT. they'll fix it and be like brand new. they did mine and the radiator sustained at least 3 crashes on both sides prior to fixing it. broken tabs, leaking core crushed end caps, etc

                    they'll even put a hardening coat on it so it'll be not be prone to being fubared on the next getoff. already went down on the "new" radiator 2x on the same side and it help up great IMO.
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                      What does it cost to get a radiator fixed?
                      I have my old one that is bent but still holds water. I figure it might be good to have another


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                        Yes, please impart some knowledge upon us.. How much did this whole experience cost you?


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                          incl. ship it was about $175 or so i think. this incl. the hardened coating. i think that's not bad considering you get a "better" than stock radiator (if you get the coating done which added $75 to the tally) and they fix it to be EXACTLY like stock. i had a friend who lent me his mint 02 tiller upper radiator and did a little comparison. EXACTLY the same (except for all the bent/missing fins i had ) and i had 3 of 4 broken tabs, a broken end cap/radiator cap and 1 side was bent/twisted. oh ya, i also drilled into 1 trying to make a hole for a rivet i was going to use to mount 1 of the tabs back in. JB weld fixed it temporarily but after crashing again, the radiator was leaking again. they fixed my fuck up and welded it back properly nothing but props to mylers. also lookin' for TL radiators won't exactly get many hits on ebay or craigslist. all the 1's i looked at were damaged just like mine but sellers wanted just as much as what myler's charged me for some POS radiator.
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                            So do they fix the broken tabs.. and the fins?
                            My radiator is not leaking.. but I have a feeling it isn't allowing correct flow.

                            Also, the hole for the screw is stripped, you think they will fix that up too?

                            Just might be sending my Radiator in for the winter! Also, how long was the turn around?

                            Thanks again!


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                              Hey Bro! do you have a telephone number or a web address for Mylers?
                              I have a rad that's in need of fixing