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EZ Bleed for bodgers...

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  • EZ Bleed for bodgers...

    If you have just swapped your calipers, and cant get the brake pressure to bleed up, its probably because there is an air bubble trapped at the upper banjo bolt.

    IF YOU ARE VERY CAREFUL... you can slightly undo this bolt, squeeze the lever, tighten the bolt, THEN relase the lever...
    Hey Presto, instant lever pressure!

    A little fluid will be released wih the air, so stuff the entire surrounding area with clean rags, and wash everything thoroughly as soon as possilble afterwards.

    If you are not completely sure what I mean, do not attempt this!

    I would have done pics, but I left my camera at work...
    The Weaver bird has little brain, it weaves about from lane to lane... that'd be me then...

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    Or you can get a banjo bolt with a bleed nipple in it
    sorry for the crap picture