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  • SDTLR check this out

    As per the thread

    Check out these

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    Thanks rupes - you've rained all over my originality parade
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      Hehhehehe .... its still a great idea tho.

      After all there have been plenty of carbon fairing bikes but I'm still doing mine like that, nothing original about airbrushed lightning either come to think of it. I say go for it. I almost talked myself into going for all over airbrushing. I was thinking of the doing that "bio-mechanical" H.R. Geiger stuff like in the interior of the alien ship in "Alien" but thought that might be a bit much. Evil looking stuff tho when its done right.

      Thats the great thing about bikes. Such a small canvas makes everything that much easier and cheaper.


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        A giger inspired bike would be sick on yours. I saw a nice looking R6 during Bikeweek that was done that way. Very menecing looking. The whole week, everytime I ran across the bike I had to stop and look it over.
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