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    For those racers out there, where do you get your number plates for the TLR and what size numbers do you use? I've heard of some who are painting them on aftermarket plastics, but I'd prefer to have something nicer.


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    I just used LP plate stickers with the #s stuck on. Bought a large yellow sheet and cut the plates to sort of flow with the bodywork. When I have to repaint the rear, I will prolly paint the tail section yellow and silver, and just use # stickers.
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      Anyone have some idea on where to get pre-cut number plates? I want them to cover the headlight area as well as the rear cowl.



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        it's better to spray paint it on. that way it doesn't wrinkle up when you put it on the fairings.

        any LP dealer can get your the vinyl

        as for sizing, AFM requires it to be at least 1" thick #'s.

        FWIW, i just used yellow duct tape for the plate and black duct tape for the #'s. being #715, i dont 't have any weird oval shapes to deal with.

        though for this season, i'm going all out and doing the rattle can thing. no expense considered this season.
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          Hey man try Great guys. They have precut vinyle number plates for the front and back for the S or R. They come in any color you want. . . . just ordered some for my S. I would provide pics but having trouble with my photoshop and pics are to big. here is the direct link to the R

          here is the "S"

          Also you can order the front and back number plates seperatly,

          Hope this helps.


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            Goto Walmart and pick up some white MacTac. I use this stuff for quick number plates. Like 3bucks for a huge roll. It's the stuff you use to line the inside of Kitchen cabinets/cupboards. It's great stuff and cheap. Excellent for quick disposible/removable # plates.


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              Excellent help, thanks all!

              Gotta love the planet for responses.