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  • 2002 B/w Tlr

    Well, I've already got a couple PM's asking if I'm selling the bike so I might as well put it out there. I'm looking to get $6,000. Here's some detailed info:

    Year: 2002

    Mileage: 3588

    Owner: I am original owner, bought in Sept. 2002 so the registration is
    due. It will be paid for a year if you buy. I paid in full so I have the
    pink slip and don't owe anything on it.

    Mods: Two Brothers V3 adjustable racing clip ons (bike is a lot more
    comfortable on back, wrists and neck), Galfer braided brake and clutch lines and
    pads, ATRE (active timing retard eliminator 1-3 remapped to 5th), Zero
    Gravity Sport Touring Smoked windscreen, Yoshimura RS-3 Race carbon fiber
    bolt-on exhaust cans, Intuitive bar ends and frame sliders (ask me about this),
    blue Pro Grips, pair valve removed (front cylinder block off plate, rear
    cylinder plugged the line), throttle bodies synchronized, TPS adjusted and
    set and Metzeler Sportec M1's with about 200 miles, brand new radiator (ask
    me about this). I have a manual fan switch which I haven't installed yet.

    Overall condition: I'd say excellent. Motor is strong and smooth. No
    problems with clutch or transmission. Frame is excellent. Plastics, it has some
    rash on the left like I said. There's a small scratch on the tank and a
    little dent on the tank (I'll try to take pictures). Its only been down the
    one time and that was just because I hit some water in my driveway, tried to
    turn in my garage, front tire lost it and I went down on the left side.
    Basically, I use the bike to commute to work one or two times a week (15 miles
    roundtrip) and run some errands around town. I don't ride it hard and
    don't do any wheelies, stoppies, etc. (right now you're probably thinking,
    "yeah right" but it's the truth, I'm a wimpy rider).

    If it needs anything: Right side seat bolt needs to be retapped because I
    stripped it. I think it needs the manual fan switch, synthetic oil, and
    Water Wetter so that it runs as cool as possible. Also needs an undertail just
    for looks.

    I have all the service records and receipts for stuff (also the OEM
    parts). I also have the passenger seat, tool kit, owner's manual and gas tank

    That's it. That's everything.

    I have two older pictures attached but I also have a bunch of pictures I took on Aug. 5th. They are too large to attach here so send me your email address if you want to see all of them.
    Going through V-twin withdrawals.

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    Here's the other picture. These were taken a few months ago right after my low side. The newer pictures are clearer and more detailed.
    Going through V-twin withdrawals.