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Headlight and electrical questions

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  • Headlight and electrical questions

    I just installed my Euro spec TLR single projector headlight, and am looking for mechanical advice.

    The RH lens was removed and an H4 lens was installed so I have both Hi and Low beams on the RHS, The projector remained, and currently caries an H1 bulb. because this has 1 electrical prong and the ground on the projector carrier, I made a jumper set of wires and plugged them into the OEM harness, but the projector turns off on the hi beam setting. This is just like the Euro setup.

    I AM NOT GOING HID, so that is off the table.

    My questions are:

    Does a 9004 or HB1 bulb have the same mounting base as an H1?

    What are your thoughts about replacing the stock H1 bulb with an LED H1 bulb?

    and finally,

    What are you guys using for headlamp replacements? I still have the stock bulbs from the day of purchase in 2001 when I bought the bike brand new. Pretty amazing huh? Never lost a headlamp since I owned it.

    What headlamps should I stay away from? I know some melt the headlight cover.

    BBOTM January 2011

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    Re: Headlight and electrical questions

    LED have nothing like the intensity of incandescent.

    Philips Xtreme Power - get em here - - ship W/W free.

    If you want the left side to stay on for hi & lo, operate it via a relay - connect a diode from the Hi line to the coil input, along with the lo signal.
    Then it will be on whether in Hi or Lo - RHS will still switch normally.
    This is how I run my Cibies on the Triumph.