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  • Aftermarket body kits

    I brought one of those aftermarket body kit for my TLR and lets just say never again. It amounted to be a very nice looking piece of crap. Alot of the pieces didnt have the tabs or holes needed to fit it to my bike. All of the snaps were too big and had to be filed down to fit. Thats if they didnt break off. On top of that the bottom most fairing melted to my exhaust pipe. After a full weekend of modifying the damn thing we got it on and looking semi decent. I will post pictures later. I mean the thing looks damn good riding by or from a ditance of about 15-20 feet but for those up close and personal moments you can see there was no craftmanship put into it. You can save between 400-800 bucks on one of these cheaper fairings but you are going to put alot more hours into installing it. So it really depends on how valuable is your time. Just giving a heads up to you guys. I will post the pictures later

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    Re: Aftermarket body kits

    Ive bought them for a 05 Gsxr 750 and theres a large differance in sellers when it comes to the quality. Some have crappy ones that require lots of work and some need very little. But ive seen on here and TLzone that you need to put a heatshield on the aftermarket plastics as they do not come with them or there not thick enough. Or header wrap your exhaust.


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      Re: Aftermarket body kits

      Delkevic makes a really nice set for the money. I have a set on my GSXR. I also have the TLR upper radiator from them. Good stuff.


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        Re: Aftermarket body kits

        Can we compile a list of the crap companies and the good companies? Or at least post the names of the crap companies?
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