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Oil cooler conection leak

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  • Oil cooler conection leak

    Had a very small leak from the banjo conection on the oil cooler. When I unscrewed the hollow bolt I only found a sealing washer on the bottom, and according to the manual there should be one on both sides. Is it possible that the top washer is still stuck in the oil cooler and needs prying out. I can't see anything obvious. Has anyone had this problem?

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    Re: Oil cooler conection leak

    Its possible, as they're crush washers.

    You should be able to see it if its there.
    for the minimal cost you may as well just use new ones anyway.

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      Re: Oil cooler conection leak

      If its there it will be slightly proud of the housing . if not there will be a step down.

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        Re: Oil cooler conection leak

        Thanx Chris. Am on the East coast in Lincs. Have ordered two new ones.


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          Re: Oil cooler conection leak

          There is definately a step down so will assume its not there and fit 2 new ones.