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Engine shipping dimensions

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  • Engine shipping dimensions

    Hey all I'm trying to determine what the dimensions would be of the engine I'm selling when it is ready to be shipped. Can anyone give me some ideas here? I'm trying to get an idea for shipping quotes.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Engine shipping dimensions

    If you could find one of those small 36" pallets, you might save some shipping over a larger pallet. 36" cube, 175 lbs with the engine on a tire, strapped to the pallet and a box over the top. - Click the banner below, to see what I have for your bike.


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      Re: Engine shipping dimensions

      I have used Fed Ex freight in the past, seemed to be the cheapest shipping I could find at the time. If I can find a picture of it, the last TL engine I shipped I put in a very large plastic bin with expandable foam around it. Arrived at its destination in excellent shape.
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        Re: Engine shipping dimensions

        What were the shipping rates that you guys were quoted?

        I'm trying to keep this as cheap as possible for the buyer.