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97 TLS still Leaking.AARRGGHHH!!

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  • 97 TLS still Leaking.AARRGGHHH!!

    Replaced the mechanical seals on my bike because they were leaking. Replaced everything and checked it all out before closing it up. I cranked it up and it poured out coolant then slowed to a drip and then quite and dripped just a little. Cranked it up today and rode it about 3 miles and it poured the whole ride.So its still leaking and has me very frustrated. At this point Im ready to sell it. The shaft was clean and unpitted.I love riding the bike but get tired of working on it. I looked the seals over before closing it up and they looked fine, no pieces off the seals and fit tight. So I guess Im gonna have to do it over and if it still leaks its gone.Ive had more trouble with this bike than any other bike Ive owned.Im through ranting......

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    Re: 97 TLS still Leaking.AARRGGHHH!!

    Rubber washer on the impellor installed correctly?

    Using something over the end of the shaft to protect the seal as you slide it over the shaft?
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      Re: 97 TLS still Leaking.AARRGGHHH!!

      small piece of a water balloon works well
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        Re: 97 TLS still Leaking.AARRGGHHH!!

        Exactly where is it leaking, out the water pump weep hole?
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          Re: 97 TLS still Leaking.AARRGGHHH!!

          Leaking out the weep hole,installed all new parts just like old ones came off.
          Looks like I'll be redoing the whole thing.


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            Re: 97 TLS still Leaking.AARRGGHHH!!

            It only leaks when running. Doesnt leak sitting. gonna replace the seals again and really try to fix this problem. Other guy stuck bolt into it and caused it to leak into the engine. Hopefully I'll get it right this time.Cant see anything thats broken did notice some side to side movement of impellar.