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  • finally made my move

    ok guys crucify me if you must but i made my move yesterday. had the tl on craigslist and had a guy offer me an 06 busa with big bore kit offer me to trade for the tiller. the one drawback is it has blown trans. after much thinking i decided to jump, and yesterday picked up my busa in a box. engine looks great, about 8,000 miles on the bike. a few weeks and she will be back up and runnin. will post pics soon. i shed a tear watching the tiller go, but i think in the long run it will be best for me, but i am sure gonna miss her.

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    Re: finally made my move

    There's a LOT more cool parts available for a Busa than for a TL. And if you make a really concerted effort to cut weight (a lot), it's a very decent street bike IMHO. I don't really like the styling, though. Maybe a Busa streetfighter? Not a bad deal if you have the time and ambition to finish it right away. It's still going to cost you to fix, though. IMHO easier to do one that splits horizontally, more what I'm used to, no weird shimming fixtures. Nice time to freshen it up, new oil pump? Have fun. Turbo kits from multiple mfgrs, fancy valves and valve springs and retainers and followers, etc. etc. no end to the fun. Of course, with just a big-bore kit it's a monster.
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      Re: finally made my move

      yeah she is a monster allright. i allready have the motor split and everything looks great inside, almost brand new aside from the bigger plugs in those cylinders! looks a whole lot easier than the tl motor did, conquered that so now its on to four cylinders. and you are right way more parts available which in my opinion is b.s. but who am i to say.


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        Re: finally made my move

        I like the 'Busa for the "beast" it is (can be). I look forward to seeing what all you do, but for the love of God, don't be yet another lowered, stretched, bling king. Nothing wrong with that style, but on the 'Busa you'll be lost in the crowd if you go that direction.

        The 'Busa is like the Honda Civic on the Euro scene in that respect.

        We need pics!



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          Re: finally made my move

          ghost she will not be stretched or lowered at all, it is hard enough to tear the twisties up with a busa and that will just kill it. i'm not ready to be a bling king as of yet, maybe in another twenty years i'll drop it, stretch it, and go straight all the time.


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            Re: finally made my move

            Yea we need pics of both the tl and the busa. My father in law and riding partner has a gen 2 and it is an incredible machine. They are just a bit to big feeling for me. But I definately wish I could have Busa power in my TLR.

            But congrats on the new bike.
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