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flush mount question

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  • flush mount question

    Ok, I bought some generic ebay flushmount blinkers for the front of my 03 TLR. I did a search on here, and there are tons of threads about the same thing, but none seem to really answer my questions.

    I hooked these up, which I'm assuming was the correct way (black to black, black/white stripe to yellow) And they do not work. If I connect a 12v source to them, they light up just fine. Do I have something wired wrong? It seems everyone has trouble with theirs flashing too fast... mine do not flash at all.

    I'd be more than happy to buy the flasher relay or whatever else it takes, I'm just wanting to know for sure before I buy anything else.

    I'd really also like to know how to install the relay as well, if it turns out that is what I'm needing.

    thanks guys, I know this subject has probably been drilled into the ground, but I'm new at this sort of thing so have patience.

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    Re: flush mount question

    Moved to here.
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      Re: flush mount question

      Sound to me like you have them wired arse about.

      The Black with the white trace on the bike harness is the ground. This would most likely go to the black of the LED indicator as black is a traditional ground colour.

      The yellow of the indicator is what the +12V is applied to. The cable just happens to NOT be the B/W on the bike
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        Re: flush mount question

        Thanks, man... Wow, do I feel stupid. I just automatically assumed black was ground on the factory wires. Well, there's a problem solved


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          Re: flush mount question

          did you end up needing the relay Big Earl? I know some come with them...
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            Re: flush mount question

            Originally posted by chris7130
            did you end up needing the relay Big Earl? I know some come with them...
            Honestly, I haven't had time to mess with it. The turn signals didn't come with the relay, but I just ordered an integrated led taillight and maybe it will come with something (if I need it). If my undertail comes in tomorrow, I'm gonna try and get it all together at the same time.

            I ordered the hotbodies supersport undertail... (without reading about it first) already painted yellow. From what I've seen and read, I might have made a large scale screw-up I am dreading the hell out of it.


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              Re: flush mount question

              you know what .... ... go with the electric relay for motorcycles..
              ride safe boys....
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