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  • clutch drag

    I have a dragging clutch, do you think springs and plates may solve it? I can find a ton of info about clutch slip but not so much on clutch drag

    thanks guys

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    Re: clutch drag

    If you have the center clutch nut too tight the boss will drag on the outter clutch basket. If you have notching on the outter basket from the plates this will cause drag also. In the case of the R, bleeding the slave properly will help. T.L.
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      Re: clutch drag

      try searching an info of the clutch drag on TLZone, i am sure i read there bunch of threads about it.
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        Re: clutch drag

        The system probably needs to be bled. You'll need to do a lot to get it right, just keep at it until it works right. That fixes most of them.
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          Re: clutch drag

          Try bleeding it.
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            Re: clutch drag

            It was dragging before i replaced the line to stainless, i will try bleeding again