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Pulsating brakes that come and go?

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  • Pulsating brakes that come and go?

    Anybody had this happen? First for me... Buttons on the rotor(s) have gone bad?? Removed the rotors gave them a good cleaning. Disassembled cleaned the callipers and and m/c. (didn't replace any seals) Pulsating went away for 200+ miles then came back? I have had m/c's go bad, rotors warped, sticky pistons but this is new to me. Can cleaning all the crud in/around the buttons on the rotors made them feel not warped or allowed then move a bit more and after a few heat cycles go right back to the warped/pulsating feeling I'm getting?

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    Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

    My TLR is doing this too... any help out there would be appreciated.

    Was just planning to replace them but it would be cool to save the $


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      Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

      I had the same with my "S". I was out for a ride and the brakes started pulsing getting worse. I thought it must be a disc (rotor) warping due to heat build up as I had just had a good ride. The pads and pistons were not sticking in the calipers and the buttons on the disc to centre are clean.

      I had to brake sharply as the woman in front slammed her brakes on. I was a good 20 feet from her and put mine on as I was leaning slightly to the right, having just gone past a row of parked cars, the brakes grabbed and the front wheel slid out from under me and I dropped it at 20 mph on a sunny dry day on good dry tarmac.

      So now I have to find or repair right upper and lower panels in red, a new side decal, brake lever (snapped off) and tidy bar end and brake lever for a 1997 "S".

      I bruised my thumb and thigh but not badly, these things happen, but it shows you how important it is to have straight discs. I have had two discs warp now with well maintained brake calipers (six pot "R" ones fitted).

      The discs themselves are flat with maybe little flexibility radially or laterally whereas dished centre discs may have more give in them making them less prone to warping, is this a design fault?

      I have been told by a brake specialist that it is harder to straighten a flat disc than a dished one.

      Anyone had discs straightened and what do all the engineers on the planet think? Bob.
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        Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

        I also need a standard disc, thanks, Bob.


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          Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

          i think pulsing is due to warped rotors no other explanation comes to my mind...
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            Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

            I'v heard that a defective steering bearing can also cause pulsating brakes.
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              Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

              I need help also. My bike was perfect, then I sent it out to get powdercoated and they came back pulsating. It is very irritating. Please help.


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                Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

                i would like to know what front brake lines you guys are running and wonder if the OEM rubber lines could be exagerating the problem?
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                  Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

                  Did you clean the faces the discs fit on before mounting the discs? It is possible you had som coating or dirt on the face thus making the disc wobble.


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                    Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

                    I run SS braided hoses.

                    The reason brakes pulse is a warped or uneven thickness disc.

                    This can be caused by overheating which can be from sticking caliper pistons.

                    Holding the front brake on when stopped after a lot of fast riding and stopping not allowing the heat to disipate.

                    A disc worn unevenly that is different thicknesses arround the circumferance.

                    Forgetting you had a disc lock on,

                    Incorrect fitting due to dirt or paint etc on the mounting faces of the wheel.

                    Possibly uneven torqueing of the mounting bolts.

                    There are probably other reasons but these are the most common. Bob.
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                      Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

                      Brake rotors can have an uneven build up of friction material on them that can cause them to brake in pulses.

                      You can have another go at cleaning up the rotors and see how you go. Clean by hand or blast or even have them skimmed in a disk lathe and see how that goes.

                      If the rotors were warped, the pulsing shouldn't have stopped and then reappeared later on unless they were physically fixed. Check the run out anyway.
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                        Re: Pulsating brakes that come and go?

                        I am running the stock lines. Everything was fine. Sent out the disc and calipers to get coated. Had a very reputable shop take them apart, then coated, then all put back together. Now I grab the front and it vibrates very bad. I am at a loss.