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Anyone around Lake City, Florida?

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  • Anyone around Lake City, Florida?

    Well I had a TL. I sold it, like an idiot. Now I have a 2008 Honda CBR600RR. I don't like it. It looks good, but that's about it. I sold the bike, and I can't wait for the check to arrive via certified mail. I want to get another TL, I would really like to find one that needs paint so I could throw a really nice paint job on it.

    Well, there is one that I'm interested in in Lake City, FL. The guy who is selling it is selling it for a lady who cosigned for her son or nephew or something, so he doesn't know anything about it. I was wondering if anyone is in that area, maybe they could check it out for me.

    It is a very long drive for me, and I'd be mad if there was something wrong with it after driving that far.

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    Re: Anyone around Lake City, Florida?

    i'm about 3 hours away, but i wont be free til about monday or tuesday