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quick question about throttle sync

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  • quick question about throttle sync

    a quick ? about throttle body sync, i watched the video and to my best recolection my R model doesnt have the air adjustment screws that the S model has on its throttle body, so my question is after i get them synced at idle do i need to try and sync them at 2000 rpm like the video says, and if i do sync them at 2000rpm and i drop it back down to an idle and they are a little off what then without the air adjustment screws, do i just kinda find a happy medium with both adjustments? thanks from a stumped member

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    Re: quick question about throttle sync

    You dont have air adjustment screws... lucky bastard... anyhow you need to do the adjustment according to the R manual. They are Similar.. but not alike. I am not familiar enough with the r for advice... Someone should chime in soon.


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      Re: quick question about throttle sync

      Do you have the R manual?
      The R Manual
      Now ya do
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        Re: quick question about throttle sync

        thanks itsmesteve got"r done! she runs so much smoother