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  • A key question ?

    Hi all, I was wondering if some clever people can help me.
    I bought my TL with only one key & I dont want to lose it before I start thinking about a spare. My question is can I just get an OEM blank and cut a new key or are they fitted with some special security chip inside the key that talks to the ECU as the Hayabusa is fitted with ?
    Thanx in advance

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    Re: A key question ?

    What ?? My key as a chip !!!!

    No don't worry make a double.

    The chip in the key is new tech.


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      Re: A key question ?

      Just get the right blank, and then any locksmith could cut you one.
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        Re: A key question ?

        yeah, take it in to a lock smith and get a back up (or two) cut. Most don't like the OEM suzuki key blanks because they are steel and can dammage the lock smith's equipment. (most blanks are brass with nickle or chrome plate)

        Just do it, you will be so happy you have an extra the first time you lock you key in the trunk by accident.

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          Re: A key question ?

          You blokes are champions !

          A true wealth of knowledge on this site .... Thanx again