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1000s & 1000r engine

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  • 1000s & 1000r engine

    are they the same block? are they interchangeable?
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    Re: 1000s & 1000r engine

    talk to sam on here
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      Re: 1000s & 1000r engine

      More or less the same. Depends on what year TLS you're talking about.

      Regardless of year, the oil cooling system is different. Most that put TLR engines into their TLS's use the TLR water / oil heat exchanger rather than drilling and tapping the case blanks for the TLS air / oil cooler.

      If you put a TLR engine into a TLS you also have to swap the inlet manifolds over.

      But the cases are the same between the 98+ TLS and the TLR except for the drilling and tapping of the cases for the TLS oil cooler.
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        Re: 1000s & 1000r engine

        Otherwise it's mostly cams and pistons that are slightly different.
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