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Help!! Adjusting the TPS on my 1040

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  • Help!! Adjusting the TPS on my 1040

    This is a nightmare. Any suggestions? Can anyone remind me of what the proper rpm range is for the fast idle lever too? I have searched but trying to get this done before the temp hits 105 outside

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    Re: Help!! Adjusting the TPS on my 1040

    Oh man, usually it isn't that much of a hassle just be patient with trying to get it right.

    I can't remember the rpm spec for fast idle, as I don't use it.
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      Re: Help!! Adjusting the TPS on my 1040

      1200 middle and i believe the line should change @ 1400 good luck
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        Re: Help!! Adjusting the TPS on my 1040

        See my new thread...I think I figured out my problem.... Freaking sealer in the gasket turning to jelly and plugging this beast up...until finally no fuel period! Anyone that puts this crap in their tank should be drawn and quartered!!!


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          Re: Help!! Adjusting the TPS on my 1040

          For reference:

          Idle ~1200rpm (don't go lower) Bar in the middle.

          Bar to the top at around 1400rpm

          Fast idle lever back to the bar = 2000rpm on a warm engine per the manual.

          (2000rpm is very handy for track and twisty work as it takes a lot of the off-on throttle transition snatch away).
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            Re: Help!! Adjusting the TPS on my 1040

            Thanks for the input guys!!!I ended up breaking down and rewatchin the video on tps adjustmnent as I just couldnt seem to get it. Could not get her to run with the bar in the middle ...period. Then she died and would not fire back up...I thought I lost a cam pin again but nope...still had spark. I checked the throttle bodies and not a bit being squirted but the pump was priming. I didnt really want to take the tank apart but did so reluctantly. Glad I did now.