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pizzazz power commander???

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  • pizzazz power commander???

    I've got a local bike mechanic i'm doing some trades for mechanical work on my tl. He's a die hard bike guru, and has 3 complete race builds he drives around regularly and has done everything on personally. I mentioned the fact that a power commander on the tl's seem to get lack-luster results, and he mentioned something called the pizzazz that's supposed to be high dollar and gives amazing results on any application. anyone heard or used one of these? sorry if this has been brought up before. Short on time.

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    Re: pizzazz power commander

    He's probably talking about Bazzaz. From what I gathered it's a replacement for the injection/ignition system. With the right stuff, a lambda sensor, it should adjust itself. Sounds very nice and trick, haven't read much actual user feedback yet. Bad thing: they don't make it for the TL and not for the SV1000 either


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      Re: pizzazz power commander

      It's a piggy back unit just like the power commander.

      The power commander on the TL probably only seems ot get lack lusture results because so few pony up and get it mapped correctly and just use maps others have shared or made maps themselves with butt dyno's
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        Re: pizzazz power commander

        and obviously no application for the, i'll start looking up power commanders and mapping on here and see what i need to go for.