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    Has anyone tried the china folding levers on ebay? They look good and are guaranteed to fit without modification and come with a year warranty. Claim to have the same quality as the more pricy levers. I don't care if they fold or short style. I just can't afford 150 + for levers.

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    Re: folding levers

    Well I just looked again and folding are 100 shipped. How much are other brand folders? What is the best? What makes them better then others? Are any made in the states? I don't want to buy china or mexico s!#t. Thanks.


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      Re: folding levers

      I recently upgraded to Pazzo from the HK levers. Here's the HK's:

      They are the same quality in machine work, but tolerances are not the same. The are floppy and use a softer alloy. I wouldn't pay more than $40 for a set of HK levers.

      This bolt makes 'em floppy:

      If you are in need of stock levers, I'll make ya a smokin' deal.
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