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Does Ram Air really make a difference?

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  • Does Ram Air really make a difference?

    Sorry if this is a repost.

    Part uno:
    Part duex:

    Interesting stuff. 7+ horse boost due to ram effect on a stock TL1000R on an Eddy Current (EC997a: registers 15-20% lower readings than Dynojets) dyno 7k-redline. Satisfying to know that our bikes do better than 120-125 horse in real life versus on a dyno.

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    Re: Does Ram Air really make a difference?

    yep need to read twice : )
    if its not broken MOD it


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      Re: Does Ram Air really make a difference?

      Great read, thanks! Makes we wonder how the Kawi ram-air tubes look like!

      And how a TLR would do without the flappers..
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        Re: Does Ram Air really make a difference?

        "The horsepower and torque curves are well above their non-ram-air counterparts, with a seven horsepower bump at 10,000 rpm."

        Dang, we need to run 10,000 rpm's to get an extra 7 hp?! (hmm, not sure what my rpm's are when I'm riding, lol. will have to try and look next time out, hehe)

        ". It should be noted that the sealing on the Suzuki ram-air components (specifically where the ducts route into the airbox) is less than satisfactory. We encountered substantial leakage and estimate that peak pressure might be higher if the connection points had a more effective seal."

        I agree there about the seals!


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          Re: Does Ram Air really make a difference?

          Kinda makes you think more about investing in a set of Hermit Dragon or Sharkskins ram air tubes. I guess what I take from this is that whether you run your bike with the airbox cover installed or not, it's likely you'll never know the difference during normal street riding, only top end redline high-gear blasts. Basically: It's not counter-productive either way, more personal preference or even just hearing some extra intake noise. I feel better knowing my "pooch" really does have bigger balls than a 120 horse counter part when your at speed on the track or road. I dyno all my bikes, but dyno's don't give a precise real world description of what your bike really makes at speed. Bragging rights really.


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            Re: Does Ram Air really make a difference?

            I noticed more mid range, espically on cooler mornings.

            I removed the flappers and used large fender washers and a little RTV to seal the actuator holes.

            Keep the little screens on the intakes or you will find stones and huge bugs in your air box when you clean/replace the filter.

            It was pretty easy to do with a band saw and I think it's worth it.

            How do I install my 1/5th throttle insert? Just click me for the install thread... Or click here for the .pdf updated version.

            Silver metalic flake Clear Clutch cover has been sold See what was available here. (8/12/09)