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Anyone know this bike?

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  • Anyone know this bike?


    Anyone know this bike? That is some crazy build. I don't know about those numbers. Kinda curious what cams and stuff he's got.

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    Re: Anyone know this bike?

    "customized Yosh RS-3 full exhaust with modified cans"

    Did he customize the exhaust to bolt on like its a factory system with bolt on rs3's?
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      Re: Anyone know this bike?

      Ha...1382CC with bolt on cans? RIGHT


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        Re: Anyone know this bike?

        have I just been blinded by brilliance or baffled by bullshit

        I say
        ************************************************** **************************************************

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          Re: Anyone know this bike?

          A "small lien" on a show-winning garage ornament. The pile of red flags I swept up while reading that add is enough to turn your stomach. Use your better judgement.


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            Re: Anyone know this bike?

            1. Someone tell me Since when does a flood of water ruin plastic? i think the city of NY got fine for dumping plastic in Hudson and it wont break
            2. So if the insurance company paid out on the bike. then the title is salvage,,, right?
            3. so if the plastics and motor is from a 2002 and the frame is from a 99. why is he selling it as a 2002 bike? then he says the plastics are 1yr old. they must be from china... with the extra pearl coat,,,lol

            I am sorry, i can't go on. this is a waste of my time...
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              Re: Anyone know this bike?

              2002 plastics in a 99 colour scheme? 1382cc 178hp without nitrous?


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                Re: Anyone know this bike?

                Did anyone else notice his nitrous bottle mounted in front of the rear tire?
                And the bike looks blingtastic!