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intresting new issue...

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  • intresting new issue...

    99 TL
    mainly stock except for k&n

    SO check this out,

    Everyday riding}--- it has decent power and fairly smooth idle, but every once in a while, (when you talk nice to it, scratch behind the mirror, tell it a story about how much you love it), it runs like an escaped prisoner. It just wakes up, idles perfect and runs very strong.

    Then you get days like today, I opened the garage, started it, and it barely idles. no power, slow revs, with intermittent sputters of normalcy wakes up for a moment then dies.

    Last time we had this we had this issue, I removed the negative cable off the battery for about 2 hours to charge it again (got pissed and walked off with the key on) reinstalled it and the thing ran awesome.
    Shortly after that day (About two weeks ago) it got some seafoam drained tank and new plugs.

    Any ideas

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    Re: intresting new issue...

    I would start with new plugs.
    Had a similar problem which ended up being a coil breaking down when heated up.
    Or possibly a blocked injector.

    98 Black/Silver TLR

    98 Black TLS Streetfighter


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      Re: intresting new issue...

      My vote was also Plugs but I wanted to gather opinions before I tackle that monster again.


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        Re: intresting new issue...

        I was having simler problems. After changing rr charge mod. It started doing something like that. Check the main plug that plugs into the cylonoied. However you spell that. The main power wire was connection was burnt up. I ran a new wire and new plug no more prob. Yet!!!!!! Knock on wood!!! Throw salt over both shoulders!!! Cross finger and tows!!! Good luck