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    Ware can I get the best deal on a o ring for my new van ccc? Can I have one made at napa ? They make o rings and have had good luck with them. Anyone on here sell them? Thanks

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    Re: o ring

    It is a Suzuki oem part I think. You re use the stock one, sp it would be oem.

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      Re: o ring

      Yes, stock. I just fitted a new one myself. Costed me 13 euros or smth.

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        Re: o ring

        its a 2mm section o ring cord .

        I bought 5metres of the material for $8. from a bearing supply house

        the glue is about $15 a bottle and it works like a charm . just lay the cord in the groove and cut it when you get to the other end . tiny bit of glue and youre done.

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          Re: o ring

          Thanks guys. I'm going to use the old one or make one if its bad.